Sulcata tortoise how long how to raise life

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The growth in sub Saharan Africa sulcata tortoise, tortoise is the third largest in the world, its life is very long, also can be huge, and the activity is also very strong, so many people love bred as pets. So how to raise Geochelone sulcata sulcata tortoise? Life how long? Here to understand the specific.
How to raise sulcata tortoise
First of all, to take care of the problem raised sulcata tortoise. If you can't get direct outdoor sunlight, a full spectrum UVB tube and a heating bulb are required. The study found that sulcata tortoise must accept radiation to manufacture of UVB vitamin D3, and vitamin D3 will promote the growth process in the shell of calcium utilization. So to raise sulcata tortoise to better light conditions, to meet the oh.
Secondly, is also very important feeding sulcata tortoise temperature problem. A thermometer is placed in the turtle box to observe the temperature changes in the turtle box at any time. The temperature in the turtle box can be kept at about 28-32 degrees Celsius during the day, and it is best to have a temperature of 35-38 degrees Celsius, while the night temperature can be kept at 24-26 degrees celsius.
Third, prepare to box turtle Geochelone sulcata should use, mat, this can easily raise it to dig. The study found that living in the wild sulcata tortoise most of the time in the hole, they through the method of making small environment, in this environment, to maintain an appropriate balance of humidity sulcata tortoise, keep necessary for the survival of damp. Therefore, it is very important to keep this kind of small pet animal.
Fourth, is a vegetarian sulcata tortoise. The food it can eat is 75% grass, weed and alfalfa, and 25% deep green broad-leaved vegetables. For example, radish leaves, mustard greens, kale, chicory, watercress, lotus leaf and flower, mulberry leaf and so on.
Finally, the method of feeding sulcata tortoise should also pay special attention to. According to the principle of small meals to feed, but different growth stages of the feeding method for sulcata tortoise, also differ. According to the physical development of turtles, it is very important to draw up a reasonable way of feeding.
Sulcata tortoise how long life
Sulcata tortoise life expectancy of 50 years, but now only 20 years of captivity reports. Of course, some life and radiation sulcata tortoise in 60-70 years. Its life expectancy is also relatively long.
Sulcata tortoise (scientific name: Geochelone sulcata) and also known as Geochelone sulcata sulcata tortoise, is a very strong activity of tortoises.
Form: a back bulge high head with symmetrical large scales, the skull is short, not in the parietal bone scales is not into the orbital frontal, orbital bone degeneration or almost disappeared; the rear side bone usually closed, completely surrounded by the stapes; upper jaw almost in jugal with maxillary masticatory surface with or without the central ridge. The dorsal abdominal nail is firmly bridged by a bridge. Limbs stout, cylindrical. Not more than 2 fingers and toes, clawed, without webbed. No scent. Herbivorous, can live in a more arid environment.
Distribution areas: Africa, Ethiopia, Sultan, Senegal, Mali, Chad and other countries
Living habits: vegan diet sulcata tortoise is the animal, rely mainly on high fiber plants, grass, cactus, lettuce etc. for food, this species is stout and strong activity and very good, usually prey on the diversity of food supply, add a little calcium, phosphorus, vitamin and other nutrients supplement. The excessive supply of animal proteins causes the hump and eventually leads to liver and kidney disease.
The mode of reproduction: Turtle sulcata multiple mating in the rainy season, and in September to November, one can produce 17 to 34 eggs a year up to 6 litters, the hatching time is about 85-170 days, depending on incubation temperature and influence. Larvae hatched yellow, about 4.5 to 5 centimeters in size. Because the productive and rearing easily, in the United States is the pet shop large output, low price. Rapid growth, amazing appetite, strong activity.
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