Dongguan ETAN Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling reptile equipments based on a strong R&D and production team, a strict quality control system with a plant of 15,000 m2 and professional production lines; The company has cooperative partners in over 30 countries and regions around the globe; Till 2020, the company has successfully applied for 92 patents for reptile pet supplies!

ETAN has realized a new-type business pattern of the combination of online and offline based on the delivery from two warehouses (Beijing, Shanghai )! Particularly, the company has established a professional exhibition room for the reptile and the ecological landscape with a sincere experience service for the equipment use, which can provide customers both at home and abroad with one-stop purchasing service.

Through a decade of continuous endeavor and innovation made by all employees, ETAN has grown into an industry leader regarding the reptile equipment design, manufacturing and the market guidance with the support of multiple professional owners and cooperative partners. The company currently has two brands under its name, REPTI ZOO and WACOOL with the consistent outstanding quality and excellent service, seeking for the perfect results of the use, quality and experience of every product.

ETAN has always focused on the relentless pursuit of superior quality. The refined manufacturing and management system as well as the strict quality assurance system has guaranteed the diversity and the high quality of the products.

Our goal: Realize the long-term cooperative and win-win relations together with customers, guarantee the high quality of the products, constantly improve the innovative service and build a leading brand of international reptile pet equipment manufactured in China with the superior quality.

We insist on that: The principles of "Quality First, Sincere Cooperation, Mutual Benefit and Reciprocity and Forging Ahead".

We firmly believe that: Based on this, the reptile pet supplies and cultures of ETAN will soon pace into the global reptile pet market in the near future.

18 Years of History 

When breeding reptiles prevails abroad in 2006, the reptile industry quietly emerged in China. Upon the introduction of foreign professional reptile pet supplies into China, Chinese consumers realized the importance of professional reptile breeding equipment for the first time, which also marks the beginning of the development path for the ETAN pet Supplies Company in Chinese reptile pet industry.

During the decade of the prosperous reptile industry, ETAN, with the solid foundation of 92 patents, has continuously endeavored to promote the development of Chinese reptile pet supplies industry with the persistent power for the relentless R&D. ETAN has insisted on the principles of "innovation, diversity and high-end", providing reptile breeders in China and the whole world with professional, high-quality, innovative and practical reptile pet supplies as a leading enterprise in the Chinese reptile pet supplies industry.

Meanwhile, ETAN has a motto of " living in nature", which helping Chinese reptile pet owners to breed the pets scientifically and to feed them in a healthy manner to let them live longer and healthier and allowing them to gain more novelty and happiness during their accompany process through displaying the beauty of these reptile pets.

Nowadays, it's a golden age of China's pet industry, and we hope that, as an industrial leader in reptile pet supplies industry, we will enable partners from more platforms to participate in the undertakings of pet industry development, so as to build a healthily developing industrial ecosystem of reptile pets, with which we can work together to establish our own reptile pet supplies industry brand which is influential to the global market!

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