"Reptile pet control" most wanted after work is not a friend, but a snake

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Columbia red tail boa, Africa, California, ball python Brazil White Striped Knee (spider), these people have not heard or seen will be startled the animal, in the eyes of the girl Xia Lin, has become a very cute little baby". In her words, the first thing she wanted to see after work was not her boyfriend, but the alternative pets that had been with her for three years.
Now, more and more young people who are looking for fashion personality have become the main force for raising alternative pets, though the cost of raising is on the high side, Xia Lin said.
At first even snake seedlings are afraid to touch
First Xia Lin, feels very cute, just from the appearance, definitely give a "daughter of a humble family" feeling. Xia Lin said, to these offbeat pet from the original to the fear of rejection, and then put it down, by her boyfriend Xiao Wu's influence.
"When we are in the market to buy some tortoises, keeping at home, then boyfriend on the Internet to see someone actually have some very strange animal, then we also feel unbelievable." Xia Lin said, her friend later bought a foreign snake to raise seedlings.
According to Xia Lin said, after buying the snake, do not dare to touch their own touch, his friend to understand the habits of snakes, it is studied every day. Xia Lin told reporters, because every day can see the snake, and later he will gradually get used to, and also began to play "snake".
The other pet kept two rooms
Xia Lin said, now, home to a total of five breeding snakes, except for a 1 meters probably around 8 of Columbia's red tail boa, and African Central Australia maned lion ball python, etc.. "We are all they are installed in the feed box, equipped with a water tank and a lighting lamp, keep snakes adaptive temperature (25 DEG -32 DEG C)."
"In fact the home not only has a pet snake, as well as the Brazil spiders, American and African horned frog turtle, in order to provide a good environment, we have every pet feeding box alone own, two were placed in the room."
Xia Lin told reporters last week, she observed the king when work after being bitten by a snake bite. "Like the general red tail boa, ball python, more do not bite, but relatively docile temperament. But California kingsnakes are aggressive, but they itself is not toxic."
Three years down to spend a lot
Xia Lin out of the box just eating red tail boa. "Adult snakes like this can eat 4 mice a week, and snakes under three years of age are enough to eat a white mouse every week."
Xia Lin calculations to reporters: most of the time, offbeat pets had about more than 30 per pet, ranging from 100 yuan to 2000 yuan, light to buy these spent thousands of dollars, plus the usual cost, including pet to maintain body temperature and electricity, this year is down three. In fact, the cost is high.
Many people follow her thread to buy her snake
Xia Lin told reporters that he had posted on the Internet, the family raised an alternative pet on the Internet, I did not expect many people say that the thread to buy their own snakes. "Some of the snakes I used to raise, because I don't like them very much, I would give them to friends, but I wouldn't sell them."."
According to a Hangzhou specialty pet shop owner "offbeat Adou" said Mr. Hangzhou, now young people are buying the pets very much, but their store number "sequence" of this offbeat pet sell best, one day down, turnover will reach million.
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