Pet enthusiasts are keen to raise annual sales by nearly 70

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In recent years, more and more people are keeping pets in Macao. Besides cats and dogs, reptiles such as snakes and lizards are becoming more and more popular. Pet club owners miss out of interest, 5 years ago opened a pet shop, selling a variety of reptiles and cats, rabbits and other animal, found the reptile pet market potential, sales growth of 50% to 70% years.
Responsible person said that the residents have been on the snake, lizard, reptile animal is very interested, no pet store sales in the past, many residents to buy a "good heart", will be smuggled from Hongkong or the mainland.
Due to lack of knowledge, it is easy to die because of poor care.
When the shop was opened, many residents were eager to raise reptiles, but they were afraid that the animals would die easily, so they could not buy it. After a period of time, found that the small animals are still "safe and sound", began to have confidence. In 2008 the reptile pet sales than in 2007 is 50% to 70% growth, visible market potential is considerable.
Many people do not know, snakes eat only one mouse per week, the annual feeding fee is only 500 yuan. Cats, dogs and other pets, the monthly feeding costs to hundreds of yuan. Reptiles are priced at as little as 50 yuan for different varieties, up to $40 thousand. The person in charge said that the customers began to try to raise from low price varieties, confidence gradually established, interest doubled, will continue to buy different varieties, and "buy more expensive."". In recent years, many customers have become interested in the breeding of small animals, and the shop will provide guidance.
All reptiles sold in this store are imported from Canada, but there is no direct flight between Canada and Macao, so it usually takes 3 days to arrive in Macao from canada. The responsible person, the store near the port of Hongkong and even the animal that is cheap, small profits, can increase the bargaining power, "every time can earn less, customers buy more more, more is to set the order, price is flat!"
Opened in the past 5 years, the business is getting on track, but the two years before the expansion of the store culture of several employees together "job hopping", "seven go down to two!" The opening of the branch plan was shelved. The official admitted that he wanted to finish his job because he worked until 12 in the morning at 6 a.m., but he eventually persevered.
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