The new pet makes life more reptilian posture

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The rapid development of the domestic economy to improve the quality of life, people's life is more and more rich and colorful, according to some media reports that people in the rich entertainment life at the same time, the pet population is also increasing.
In the more and more urbanized life, the rhythm of life is speeding up, and the communication and communication among people are becoming less and less. The mind is not comforted, gradually lonely, boring. Pets can be used as our animal friends, but also a kind of companion. They can greatly relieve people's loneliness and loneliness, and make life more interesting. This will help to regulate people's physical and mental health.
According to reports, raising pets can enrich people's lives and reduce blood pressure and blood lipids. The study found that people with heart disease and other chronic diseases, pet dogs and cats, through some psychological state regulation of people, can significantly reduce the clinical symptoms. By walking a dog, playing with it can relax the mind.
In an increasingly competitive society, in fact, pets can also provide a certain spiritual support, in his frustration, low-spirited when your pet will still stay beside you never abandon, so to reduce the pressure, but also led to their work efficiency.
In recent years, there has been a new fashion, feeding, climbing, pet. Its suitable groups are very broad, and "climbing pet" means a new fashion for animals with reptiles as pets. Young people are more interested in climbing pet varieties, sometimes at the big bucks from overseas purchase you want individual. In the face of such a situation, appear new pet greatly meet the young people to buy a pet and pet feeding climbing climbing activities and feeding box. High quality products can provide better living environment for reptiles, cost-effective reptile breeding case, the choice of consumers, with the size and nature of the primary design close to the crawler environment can make the crawler better adapt to the environment. Now on the market a company, for a variety of habits of crawler, manufacturing all kinds of appliances with a match, but also features not only has good ventilation, waterproof, heat resistant to fully play its role, make the crawler can experience the natural environment and living conditions exactly alike. Have new pets, convenient for many people love breeding reptiles.
Such as tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, salamanders, frogs, crabs, spiders, scorpions, like climbing pet is a relatively young people love reptiles, the new pet is more deeply on such reptiles, understand their living habits and living environment, and their body structure. The new pet has been the pursuit of perfection and perfect. In order to provide consumers with better and better quality products, in the reptile products on the one hand, strictly control the quality of products, depending on quality, such as life. In 2014, with the Dongguan million Tian jointly developed high-end pet climbing products, in constant exploration and innovation, developed a series of ecological rainforest products, this product has been a professional landscape architects praise and touted. At the same time, the introduction of high-end reptile brand WACOOL (Wan Ku), in order to meet the needs of friends of climbing. .
The new pet headquarters is located in the first-tier cities of Shanghai, the company in Beijing, Guangdong also has branch and store. The warehouse was built, the new pet in the country has more than 4000 square meters of storage area. There are new pets in hundreds of shops nationwide cooperation, not only to get up friends in favor of the operating entity, sales in the network is received, such as online and offline marketing mode, which provides consumers with convenient, enable consumers to experience efficient logistics and the best shopping experience.
With the continuous development of new pet, will always note force on the development of reptiles of the enterprise, will provide better service for the majority of friends enjoy climbing.
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