P Series Super Sun (UVB/UVA)

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1. This sunlamp provides both UVB and UVA, high quality visual light and heat
2. Built-in ballast mercury vapor lamp 
3. Provides natural sunlight rays required by reptile pets maintained indoors
4. Effectively prevents metabolic bone disease
5. UVB penetration increased to a distance 30CM+


P80075     75W      Φ80mm/Φ3.1in     E27/E26

P95100     100W    Φ95mm/Φ3.7in     E27/E26

P125125   125W    Φ125mm/Φ4.9in   E27/E26

P125160   160W    Φ160mm/Φ6.2in   E27/E26

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