#60 RK0111N


1. World unique patented design, high-end and high-grade reptile pet terrariums

2. Unique design can be easily disassembled for transportation

3. Black metal screen cover provides ventilation
4. With easy installation and laminating, it may save space for you
5. Delicate and beautiful supporting facilities, and anti-escaping safety lock
6. Elevated leg design on bottom of habitat provides space for heating pad and allows even heat dissipation
7. The habitat’s sides and back can be alternated with glass, metal screen of thermal insulation plate to meet seasonal temperature requirements
8. The side is equipped with a knob-style power line opening to provide an appealing and functional inlet for the electrical cords
9. The bottom groove may take in water and optionally pave substrate. It is available for aquatic or amphibians




  Suitable for animals  

Chameleon, Arboreal frog (agalychnis callidryas, milk polypedatid, clown tree frog), Rhacodactylus leachianus, Phelsuma m. grandis, Arboreal snake, etc.

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