After 90 set up shop of rare reptiles sell millions of pythons, lizards, spiders are pets

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There are investment stocks, investment antiques, paintings, investment real estate, but investment reptiles, but few people have heard of. Last year, 10% of the stocks were sold, and the lanterns were hard to find. Now, a rare tortoise, a beautiful python, a lanky lizard, and a year's price can double, or even appreciate five or six times.
Caused a lot of hot friends in a pet trade Qingdao a large portal in the community before the reporter through the investigation, access to a new group of reptiles.
Who. As a result of love and raise, and because of the maintenance of a consumer groups, which spawned a "alternative pet" market. To this end, some people even opened a physical store, by raising and selling reptiles earn money
A turtle attracts hundreds of people"
"American big turtle, just bought a year ago, eat and drink can huan. Now I've gained 5 pounds, and I've got a green coat on it. 1600 yuan sharp to?" Yesterday, a website in Qingdao forum, a very unique promotion of "post" published in a prominent position, under the post also hung out a "commodity" portrait - a long fangs and claws "mossback" bite a thumb thick big loach. Reporters found that the thread of nearly 200, half of whom expressed intent to deal, the price was once the top to 2500 yuan. The post is issued after half a day, a Jiaozhou netizen "porridge porridge" to 2800 yuan bought, he said "green hair snapping turtle is very handsome, can not be met. Raise to 6 pounds, and then resell at least 3500 yuan, more money than the stock market."
At noon yesterday, the reporter through multiple channels linked to sell the turtle man Zhang, he said the turtle is from Shanghai last February a "climb" friends that spend 900 yuan to buy. He also opened an alternative pet shop near Sifang metro, as well as a variety of turtles, lizards, pythons and other species.
Rare reptiles can sell millions
"This is a turtle, named three Cuora trifasciata, this is my town store treasure, the value of a few million yuan. My friend opened a pet shop in Guangzhou, twenty thousand yuan into a, product phase is very good, feeding is also professional, and finally by a foreign trade business climbing friends, 900 thousand yuan to buy, and when a gift to the customer." In this shop, Zhang showed a pattern only money turtle, told reporters at the same time, also familiar to reporters more than 20 face "ugly" reptiles: one meter long snake, lizard, Iguana iguana, small, long snapper, snapping turtle, spider, golden Python etc.. He said, snapping turtle space to appreciate the most, "American varieties, not a small number of large-scale farming and therefore the feeding cost is not too high, just feed the fish and meat. One year old turtle, spent 400 yuan a month at most."
In Zhang's recommendation, the reporter visited the home of Ningxia Road, young friends climb the 19 year old Li Jing (a pseudonym), "this is my pet iguana, is a species of lizard from Southeast Asia, not wild, raised several generations. Get in the bedroom, it is very good." Li said, this is only 40 cm long "partner" often hunched over his shoulder, this guy's winter accommodation is a "luxury" - 100 on the warm box, 100 watt light bulb lit night heating, carefully every day and water for feeding, "this winter spent 300 yuan when buying 80 yuan, a year after a good flower can sell 1000 yuan. But you need strong expertise."
After 90 set up shop "pet boss""
"People who like to keep reptiles become a circle, mainly for a hobby, but in fact, like cats and dogs.". Most reptiles are docile and docile and do not bite." Reporters joined a group of friends gathered in the QQ group, such as "crawling the world", "Qingdao turtle people" and so on. Some people in the group has reached 500 people limit, a 20 year experience of raising friends climbing "Avatar" said that there are about 30 thousand friends in Qingdao climbing. Many pet store owner after 90, shops are distributed in Liaoyang West Road and Taitung area. They purchase goods from Shanghai, Guangdong and other places, as well as door-to-door service in Qingdao area. Some stores also specially bred sparrows, fish, hamsters, rabbits and other friends of dove, to climb when the "pet food", but also run the guishe egg incubator, excluding rent, utilities, logistics and other costs, can earn forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan a year.
Experts remind you "illegal" breed you do not raise
Qingdao zoo amphibians and reptiles experts say, many turtles, lizards, pythons species are national protected animals. According to the law on animal protection, animal protection is prohibited from private breeding and trading. At present, there are many exotic pets in Qingdao, which are sold in some flower and bird markets. Please check whether they are forbidden or not. Concerned that the captive reptiles once fled may lead to nuisance, but also carrying Salmonella, and sometimes even against themselves.
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