A college student raises a unicorn as a pet hostelbecomes a Reptile House

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The hostel is a private reptile house"
According to the reporter, Tong ho is the Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University College of horticulture science professional a senior, since the childhood love animal, especially keen on reptiles.
Yesterday morning, the reporters came to Tong Wenhao dormitory, a dormitory, pump the water voice immediately attracted reporters on the desk, six in the water tank are respectively provided with sixteen seven different species of turtle, the computer next to a small container, five or six of the big beetle larvae crawling in the dark brown soil white body there are two beetles, Ji specimens, is like a small reptile house.
Tong Wenhao said, these reptiles are at the university he raises, then, he also intends to raise the lizard and the horned frog in reptile homemade box.
A unicorn larva as a pet
Tong Wenhao said that when he was in grade six, his uncle gave him a turtle. From then on, he became interested in reptiles and began to raise them on a large scale after college.
At the beginning of the turtle only in the dormitory, and later in the forum, stick to know the same hobby worm friends, through exchanges began to contact insect knowledge. An occasional opportunity to interest him, he began to pay attention to the campus of the unicorn often haunt litchi tree, looking for unicorn larvae, but unfortunately did not find.
Tong Wenhao said: "now, more and more rare unicorn, the city has been difficult to find, caught in the mountains as a child, and now almost never seen, there is also artificial reproduction."
He will be in Post Bar own anguish with friends, just friends, the online shopping and successfully bred by the larvae, sent three to him, received only a few friends behind the gift, let him overjoyed.
Today, Oryctes larvae have been kept for three months, a body to some people terrified, he is full of love. He said, beginning with the soil nutrition is not enough, have not found the problem behind the change after the soil slowly fattened, is not easy.
As he spoke, he grabbed and fiddled with it a few times. He had begun to look forward to the metamorphosis of larvae into adults in May next year. He said the process gave him a sense of accomplishment.
"Evil" roommates, all quarters have pets
Because the school rules cannot keep dogs and cats, not forbidden to other pets, children ho this hobby roommates not only hate, also follow to raise a pet.
Sophomore year, the whole dormitory has pets, all kinds of fish and turtles have also expanded the "reptile hall" scale, from time to time to update the species will attract other quarters of onlookers.
Now, although some roommates did not continue to keep pets, still will help take care of Tong Wenhao's tortoise and worm, roommate Liu even every one or two weeks to help him shoot beetle larvae grow in micro-blog pictures to share with others.
Tong Wenhao jokingly said: "they are my 'bad'."
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