TM03 Digital timer

TM03  Digital timer


TM03 is a product specially developed for reptile and ecological feeding conditions with two independent dual function timing sockets as well as two charging sockets.TM03 meets the lighting, timing and misting requirements of feeding reptiles. The timing functions may simulate the changeable weather and transform the lighting from sunshine to cloudy weather. It fully considers the behavioral demands of feeding reptiles and ecological rainforest terrarium system plus it adheres to the ideology of " Living in Nature".

It has two independent dual control timing sockets and two charging sockets that  meet the requirements of reptiles and ecological feeding.

The advanced intelligent chip recognize the timing requirements and automatically switch to the required working status.

LCD display is easy to read and values are extremely accurate.

Constant power on/off memory functions.

It is environmentally friendly and worry-free with the built-in automatic rechargeable batteries.

The advanced power technology is used to attain a low power consumption, energy efficient with a minimal carbon foot-print.

Dual protection overload feature with high flame retardant materials allows use with confidence .

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