THC10 Independent temperaturetiming control function

THC10 Independent temperature and timing control function 


Reptile feeding and environment management systems (Temperature, humidity and time controller)

Patent No:201120246874.7

THC series are a result research and feeding experience of reptile professionals and experts. It is an intelligent management system initiated within reptile industry. It has key functions of temperature control, humidity control, timing control, temperature, humidity and display screens for all functions.

It can monitor various environmental requirements of reptile pets and fully recognizes the actual day and night temperature variances in the natural reptile environment. The technical design allows for independently controlling the temperature and the difference between day and night cylces.

The timing functions can simulate the changeable weather and transform between sunshine and cloudy weather conditions. It fully considers the demand of feeding reptile pet, and adheres to the ideology of

"Living in Nature". The multiple functions capacity to simulate environmental conditions is the best choice for feeding reptile pet.

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