#45 RK0110NS high terrariums

#45 high terrariums: RK0110NS  45x45x60CM

Suitable to young adult Veiled Chameleon half, young adult Furcifer pardalis, young adult four-corner Chameleon half adult, young adult Chamaeleon melleri, young adult Chamaeleo jacksonii,  Agalychnis callidryas, milk polypedatid, clown polypedatid, young adultadult Phelsuma m. grandis


Patent No:200920219852.4

Patent No:201220618426.X

1. World unique patented design, high-end and high-grade reptile pet terrariums 
2. It is detachable and can be installed and convenient for transportation 
3. The top adopts black metal mesh ventilation design 
4. With easy installation and laminating, it may save space for you. 
5. Delicate and beautiful supporting facilities, and anti-escaping safety lock 
6. The retainer design at the bottom is convenient to place heating pad and safeguard security heat dissipation 
7. The side and back may replace with ventilation mesh, glass or other thermal insulating plate according to the seasonal requirements. 
8. The side is equipped with knob-type power line entrance hole, which is beautiful and practical. 

9. The bottom groove may take in water and optionally pave substrate. It is available for aquatic or amphibians. 


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